fall flower cupcakes
graduation cake

What a year! I, for one, am ready to say, "See ya," to 2020, ("and don't let the door hit you on the way out!")

On the positive side, all the quarantining and lock downs have required many of us to slow down a bit... and I think that is what Winter is for. I usually struggle a bit during the "most wonderful time of the year."  Shopping and extra baking orders, holiday fundraisers and sending cards and gifts to special loved ones... It's no wonder so many of us find  December so stressful!


This year the Pandemic has made a lot of decisions for us. Parties and social gatherings have  been cancelled. My life pretty much is going to the kitchen, baking a for a few coffee bars, and heading back home. Sometimes I even take an afternoon nap! And gift shopping? I've gotten a few lovely local gifts, but shopping online is clean and quick!

While we're here, waiting for some sort of normalcy to return, I suggest getting warm and comfortable, maybe under a blanket--and definitely next to a plate of gingerbread or cinnamon rolls. Take care of yourself this winter. Give us a call and let us know what we can bake

                                FOR YOU!

farm cookies
fruit tartles