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Our Story


Some people sing. Some paint. At YUM, we BAKE.


Baking is theraputic for many, most notably those who crave sweets; but also those who create them. YUM owner, Christina, spent years in the kitchen, reveling in the feeling of accomplishment that came with improving on a recipe, as well as the warm and fuzzy feeling of delight she got when giving a birthday cake, a plate of scones, or a dozen cupcakes to her friends. She began posting photos of her sweet treats on social media sites and created a little buzz of excitement, as well as a bit of drooling. Then requests began trickling in. "Can you make a cake for a baby shower?" "I have company coming tomorrow! Is there any chance you could make a special apple pie I could serve?"


Urged by her friends, a decades-old desire to someday have a bakery, and her mama looking down from above, Christina hung out an online shingle, and created YUM Bakery.


The rest of the story is just, well, icing on the cake.


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