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Excitement at YUM!

Two exciting things have happened at YUM this weekend!

First, my staff has officially named me CFO for the company. All of us voted (that would be me, myself, and I), and it was unanimous. I now have the title of “Cook For Others” along with Chief Bottle Washer. I may be adding CFO to my business cards!

The second big happening was that I finally gave my dishwasher the tough food test. Being the age I am, I was raised under the practice of washing the dishes before you put them into the dishwasher (thank you, Mama). Most of you can probably relate.

In spite of the fact that I have a very nice, deluxe Kitchen Aide washer, I still find myself making sure my dishes are pretty clean when they head into the washer. And then I do the dried, crusty things by hand, usually after a night of soaking.

Well last night, after a very lethargic day, I got a little burst of energy around 8:00 PM, so I decided to clean the kitchen. Spaghetti pots and pans, chili bowls from lunch, and the big pot in which I’d just proofed bread dough lined the counter.

By that time, I’d had a whole glass of wine, and a reckless thought came to my mind. “What if I load her up, and run the “Tough” cycle? Can she do it?”

Old habits die hard, and I couldn’t do it without a quick rinse. But then I loaded everything in and pressed “Tough”. Just for kicks, I added “Sani-Rinse”. What the hell, right? These dishes would emerge clean enough to perform a surgery on! I went to sleep by the quiet hum of a dishwasher-cleansing lullaby.

This morning I unloaded the washer and found everything to be as sparkly clean as I had hoped! Modern technology success! I think even Mama, up in heaven, was surprised.

I think this is where I put a disclaimer that the Kitchen Aide company did not ask me to write this, nor are they giving me any free appliances. But if any of you know anyone who works there, please do pass this review along. I will always accept free appliances.

Be sure to check back in next week. There is a “Pro Wash with Soil Sensi” cycle that I’ve never tried!


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