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In the Kitchen

Thank you for stumbling upon In the Kitchen, the blog alongside of YUM. I hope that you'll check in periodically to find out what's going on...wait for it... "In the Kitchen" where I putter about and create!

I also hope you'll ask any questions, or share any thoughts you might have. Well, not any thoughts, just those that might be appropriate for a pg-rated baking site. And any really good recipes; please share those too!

Fall is my favorite season, because there's less pressure to feel guilty playing in the kitchen when I should be outside pulling weeds. And fall food in general is so much more satisfying. Stews, casseroles, chili... by the end of September, I'm definitely seeking comfort foods over light salads.

How about you? What are your favorite fall eats and treats? I'm ALWAYS looking for inspiration In the Kitchen!

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